Qubool Hai - Written Episode - 30th July 2013

Read the written Episode Update of 30th July 2013,Qubool Hai.

Ayan’s House:

Ayan comes and opens the door and tells that Rajni is being called by all outside, Rajni tags along with Ayan, Ayan apologizes that he lied and he doesnt want her to be there, they are talking when Vikram comes and Humeira lies(Ayan is surprised as she deliberately did so in front of Vikram) that she was called by Mami(Razia) as she is unwell. She gets inside her room and is wondering what to do, comes near her bed, Badi B tries to make her presence felt but in vain.

Razia wakes up and gets shocked to find Humeira sleeping next to her. Badi B again tries to reach Humeira’s hand, Razia decides to move Badi B and drags the bed on which Badi B is lying,cursing Badi B on her weight, she thinks how to dispose of BB when she finds that she is dragging the bed on her own. Vikram dashes with the bed, he is shocked to find the person lying on strtcher and is about to shout when Razia stops him and in the process, some jewellery fall down which he had stolen and was running off. Razia asks him, so this is your truth and he says signalling to BB –and this is yours Madamji. Razia is shocked.

Asad’s House:

Asad overhears Dilshad-Zoya laughing , they are looking at his childhood pics, Asad and Zoya have a nok -jhok, Asad also goes to find Zoya’s pics as Najma told him. They have a cute banter, Asad gets Zoya’s album and some letter falls off the album. H crazy things.e starts to read the letter, it has to do list for her future husband.He asks her if she really wants them to be true and they again have a romantic moment and Zoya tells him that he is not romantic types but action hero so would not be able to do such things.

Zoya wakes up for sehri, finds Asad with pizza and he says its breakfast in bed. She pinches Zoya to know if she was dreaming and Asad tells her that he has to compensate for all the shouting,Zoya gets emotional. both feed pizza to each other, share a light moment when they hear Dilshad shouting—ya allah yeh kya hai. Zoya rushes off to check on her.

Precap: Asad cleaning the kitchen and Zoya comes up with shayari.

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