Qubool Hai is a soap opera on Zee TV produced by 4 Lions Films. It airs every Mon-Fri at 9:30 pm IST on Zee Tv. The show became highly popular within a few months and within 5 months of its launch the show became the no.1 show on Zee TV. The show focuses on the Muslim community and aims to dispel stereotypes regarding Islam. based in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh (M.P.), India.

Qubool Hai is a story about Zoya, Asad, and Ayaan. Zoya Farooqui, an American citizen, comes to Bhopal in search of her father with her cousin sister Zeenat and brother-in-law Anwar. Initially, Zeenat wanted Zoya to get married to a groom of her choice. At her wedding, Zoya does not agree to marry the groom and runs away from the venue because the groom’s family tries to force the marriage. Zoya’s brother-in-law asks Dilshad, Asad’s mother, if Zoya can stay with her family in Bhopal, and Dilshad agrees. Zoya stays in Bhopal so that she can find her father.

It is shown that Asad and Ayaan are half-brothers. Dilshad, was married to Rashid Ahmed Khan who left the family and chose to stay with Shireen, Ayaan’s mother. Rashid has been blackmailed to do this by Razia Siddiqui. She had killed a woman in a doll factory and convinced Rashid to get fire to the same factory. Then she convinced Rashid that the fire he had set had resulted in the woman’s death and she blackmailed him not only leave Dilshad and stay with Shireen but also to work for her husband, Gaffur Siddiqui. Zoya is Gaffur’s illegitimate daughter and the woman Razia killed was Zoya’s mother.
Razia finds out that Zoya is Gaffur’s daughter and with the help of Tanveer, Asad’s childhood friend, convinces Zoya that her father has passed away so that Zoya will stop searching. Zoya and Asad fall in love with one another and Dilshad arranges their wedding after being challenged by Shireen. Shireen on the other hand is trying to get Ayaan married to Humeria, Razia’s daughter, because Razia has tricked her into believing that this is what Ayaan wants. Razia also blackmails Ayaan into agreeing to the wedding.

Both of the brothers get engaged but Asad’s engagement is broken as Tanveer manipulates the situations and makes it look like she and Asad slept together on the day of Asad and Zoya’s wedding. Zoya leaves from there heartbroken but Asad finally confesses his feelings for Zoya.